Saturday Night Newspaper

Saturday April 25 1942

Castlecomer Fire Brigade!
Announcing the Castlecomer Fire Brigade, now in full service thanks to the Kilkenny County Council. From now on, you no longer need to run to the well when there’s a fire. Instead, send a runner over to Kilkenny Road, Market Square and the Fire Brigade will be on the way!
Over the next several days the Castlecomer Fire Brigade will be running fire drills to make sure they are ready to serve in a real emergency.
“We ask that citizens remain calm when they hear our bells ringing and our vehicles driving by. We don’t expect many large fires but we need to make sure we’re always ready to handle an emergency so drills these next few weeks are a must,” says Captain O’Malley.
The Captain has also asked that until the Fire Brigade becomes more established, keep your requests for assistance to large emergencies only. No cats stuck in trees or miniature kitchen fires. If you need help, call your neighbor…and do not panic!
-Daisy Callaghan

Jarrow Colliery Fossils Coming to Castlecomer Museum
Discovered in one of our very own coal mines in the 1860s, the Jarrow Colliery Fossils are finally being released to the Castlecomer Museum. Come one, come all to see these ancient wonders! Scholars and professors claim they are ancient amphibians, but could they really be ancient, preserved earth spirits? You decide!
-Daisy Callaghan

Gruesome Murder of Infant
Late in the evening on April 21st, neighbors heard loud crying coming from the O’Brien house.
“I didn’t think anything of it at first” said neighbor Bill Connelly, “they have a newborn that’s been up crying for many evenings, didn’t seem out of the ordinary to me”.
What Bill didn’t know was that these cries were quite out of the ordinary. Several hours later, Bill woke up to the sound of more crying but this time, he said, it didn’t sound like the infant.
“I told him it was strange, I told him to go check on them but he never did listen to me,’ recalled Maisy Connelly, Bill’s wife, “I finally got him to go over there but it was too late.”
When no one answered the door, Bill ran to inform the Sheriff’s office but when they got there the deed was already done. Sheriff Buckley arrived to find Mrs. O’Brien sprawled out on the floor in a crazed state. After searching the house, he found the infant drowned in the washbin. Buckley refused to comment further on the case, but rumor has it the infant had several burns all over its body.
Mrs. O’Brien has since been transferred to Castlecomer Asylum, no word yet on her husband’s whereabouts but neighbors say he should be returning from a mining exhibition soon.
-Daisy Callaghan

New Mine Discovered!
On April 19th, local miners discovered an old cave that had been previously sealed off. The cave is currently closed to the public but Master Land Surveyor Collins has been called to the scene to inspect its integrity and insure safety for mining.
“I cannot make any official guarantees at this point in time, but it’s looking like we may have a new mine for Castlecomer. This will be very beneficial for the town financially and bring in more jobs,” says Mayor O’Donnell.
-Daisy Callaghan

Saturday Night Newspaper

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