Castlecomer Changelings

Thank you father!
Oh, im not a father.

Earlier in the day Attaway began dressing up as a member of the catholic church from out of town. His dress was impeccable, however his mannerisms and occasional contradictions lead to blatant suspicious behavior. After arriving at the sheriffs he began asking if he could speak with family members and learn the location at where they live, to his dismay he was blocked by protocols and privacy issues.

After Ousting himself he found that none of the information he found was relevant to his search and thus left for the pub to re think his approach and wait for his friends.

??? Was now at the mental health facility and ran into a doctor whom was nose deep in a book and wished to finish what he was reading before addressing the visitor. After some idol chitchat and signing of paperwork for “safety and legal issues pertaining to the integrity of the restraints of patients” and that “we are not legally responsible of the occurrence of failure of said restraints”

After the ominous warnings and advice not to “believe a word they say” he was taken to the nearest aberrant and deranged patient to find, a woman who seems largely lethargic and is missing hair. After discussing with her he found out a few things 1. The women knows what she did and believes that the murder was justified 2. She had no control over her actions yet felt her actions that were not her own were justified 3. She was on her way to the market??? before losing control. 4. baby was sleeping a lot and acting funny???.

After asking a few more seemingly unrelated questions he then left for the next human oddity captive in this facility.

Her responses were largely similar, with exception to the loss of control and when/ how it took place. this lead to a connection that the incidences might not be isolated. With this new-found information he began heading to the pub to share with his fellow investigators.

? went to the pub to think about what he saw last night, but rather then drinking he decided to distract himself in redemption (good job). He went to his police friends house ?, where he was offered tea rather then a bit of the creature for fear of being an enabler.

After an exchange of pleasantries ??? began asking about the investigation of the murder of the baby and attempted murder of the other. This lead to a discussion about “how the two might be connected” and “the sheriff wont listen to me.” and some other procedures as well as politics at work.

? became very interested and asked to see the report, where he was shot down and told not to ask. He began pushing his luck by undermining and saying “if you leave and I happen to see it that’s ok right?” upset ? told him to back off, and so our investigator left for the pub to talk treason with his friends about his friend.

After our heroes entered the pub they exchanged information and came to the conclusion that “we must rob the police.” and so they went close to night fall with ? in the kitchen cooking himself something to eat. After testing and seeing if the door is locked they came up with a brilliant plan. Enter the front door, grab the paperwork involving to the investigation and leave to eventually return it at another time. ? would walk into the back side and distract the cuisinier as Attaway breaks into the house.

To Attaway’s luck, the front door is unlocked, but to his dismay it makes a loud creaking sound that disturbs the police chef. Fleeing to make it seem like the wind had opened up the door the policemen investigated to find a open door. Slightly paranoid he closed the door and locked it. unbeknownst to the lawmen, the burglar that is Attaway began looking at his unlocked window and opened it with ease. As this happens the lawmen hears a knock on his back door and begins talking to him about ??? and how he needs a second chance. Slightly put off by this he continues the conversation pulled in by his words.

Attaway enters the building by a excellently crafted window that moves smoothly, he begins his trek to a desk via crawling as to reduce his sound profile. After a few moments he begins rifling into the desk and happens to come across a police badge in his findings that he decided to keep. With only two places left to look, both locked he picked the right one first. Inside was well organised personal things such as bills and so forth. Ignoring this bounty of personal information he looked into the second locked drawer and found police reports.

Seeing his opportunity Attaway grabbed the paperwork, as well as any papers on anyone he might know and began collecting them all. Fearing a clicking sound that might alert the home owner of a robber he closed both locked compartments at once. To his suspicion they did indeed click. This was heard by the would be chef, home owner, lawmen that something was going on, however he was distracted by the polite chatter of ???.

Fearing being caught Attaway ran for the window closing it just barely without slamming it, escaping unscathed.

Mission successful!

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